Saturday, January 24, 2015

Project 1 - Logo design

Project 1 - Logo design

Part 1.
Your task is to design an eye-catching, BUT TASTEFUL logo that communicates the service provided by your company and incorporates the name as well as an iconic element that is easily recognizable.

Gather 10 to 15 examples of creative logos in your sketchbook, post them to your blog, or just keep them handy on a drive.  Make sure to record your thoughts about the logos.  Is the design effective? What are the basic shapes and colors? How do they work (or not) and why? What are the hierarchies? Is the concept clear or confusing?  Can improvements be made?  How would you approach the same concept?

Then create 30 sketches for your company’s logo.  They may be created in Photoshop or illustrator if you are already familiar with those programs.

1/14        Logo sketches Due (scanned and emailed to me by 8am)

                Work in class in Adobe Illustrator on vector logo

1/19        Martin Luther King Jr. (Holiday – No Class)

1/21        Logo – work in class

1/26        Finished Logos Due! (high res jpg mailed to me by 9am), Photoshop Demonstration in class

1/28        Critique Finished Logos!

                Homework – Card Deck Proposal – Containing Research, Mind Map, and Sketches

*Blog Post with sketches, Final Logo, and Process/Ideation Statement

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